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Phoenix-Tactical has successfully shipped hundreds of orders to Afganistan, Iraq and other parts of the world via APO Shipping and FPO Shipping.  There are a few things you must know and do when Shipping APO.   Done correctly it is as successful as shipping to local addresses.  This all starts with the correct APO / FPO address entry when checking out.



Please insert the exact correct Shipping APO or FPO address when checking out.  ( See BELOW)  To receive the lowest possible shipping rate, enter UNITED STATES as the destination Country.  Enter APO as the destination City, and Armed Forces ***** ( Europe, Pacific, etc) as the estination State. 

If your order is less than the FREE SHIPPING minimum and the actual destination country  (such as Afganistan,  etc.) is entered, you will be charged for INTERNATIONAL Priority Shipping.  ( Nearly 3-4 times more)

After completeing  shipping details, please review to confirm the APO / FPO Shipping address is correct.

Estimated shipment travel time is 7-10 days.




Address Formatting Instructions

To make certain your package gets to its destination, follow these instructions for entering a military address.

  1. Do not use special characters or punctuation (such as %, &, ', -, ?, !, etc.).
  2. For Army, Navy and Marines: Enter Unit Number and Box Number in the "Address" field. For Ships: Enter Ship Name and Hull Number. For Air Force: Enter PSC Number and Box Number.
  3. In "Address Line 2," enter optional military command or organization name (e.g., USAG J or 2/566 Postal Co.).
  4. In the "City" field, enter APO or FPO. Please note: We cannot ship to city codes other than APO or FPO for military shipments. Entering a city other than APO or FPO will result in your order being delayed or possibly canceled. Also, do not enter the state in this field. (Incorrect: APO AE, AE.)
  5. In the "State" field, select one of the following: AE – Armed Forces Europe, Middle East, Africa and Canada AA – Armed Forces Americas AP – Armed Forces Pacific.
  6. In the "ZIP Code" field, enter the 5-digit ZIP code for the military unit. It must starts with a 0 or 9. Any other ZIP codes in combination with AE, AA or AP will result in delays or cancellation of your order. Your billing address ZIP code (or home address code) cannot be used in place of a military ZIP code.
  7. In the "Country" field, enter UNITED STATES.
  8. In the "Phone" field, we suggest entering the phone number of a family member or friend who is stateside. The field does not accept international numbers.

Shipping Timing

Most shipments to APO and FPO addresses will be received within 7 to 10 business days; however, most orders may take up to 14 business days. Orders containing older movies and music titles may take up to 30 business days.




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